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15 People who are Way Too Clever for Their Own Good

The internet is filled with a wide array of people all set to do all sorts of unnameable things. You simply cannot trust anyone in the virtual life to be sane, intelligent or human for that matter. But at times, and when I say that, I mean rarely, you stumble upon a category of the human race which is far more superior than us.

You wanna know why? Because they know what the heck they are doing with life. Their priorities are all jotted down somewhere and they occasionally feel the need to check up on that list, Unlike any of us. These humans are prevailing their respective fields. They are winning this game. Every game. period.

1. Looks like a genius. Sounds like a genius.

2. Avoiding the affect of effect on this post.

3. Someone made a museum out of it.

4. Finally, feeling loved after so much time.

5. This choice of fashion plus convenience is on point.

6. Stating the facts because facts are important.


7. The difference is quite visible. Now, which one do you like?

8. Dream of every high-heel lover comes true.

9. Because he has his priorities straightened out.

10. Sounds so much like my plans for the next six months.

11. Let’s take a moment to praise this girlfriend.

12. Well, when is this gonna broadcast on TV? I gotta prepare popcorns.

13. The most legit bookmarks I ever laid my eyes o.n.

14. This is the kind of adulting I need to learn.

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