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Funny Comic Series About Growing Up That We All Will Relate To!

While growing up one of our favorite pass times were watching movies and yes reading comic series. It was these comics that have taken the shots of movies these days, seeing the growth of Marvel’s Universe, and the DC. The comic culture may not be very prevalent right now but it is still fresh in our hearts and will always be.

So this artist, who is a student of BFA, in graphic designing signed up for a course in “Business of Licensing”. In it, students were to pick something they made, finesse it, and create a bulletproof pitch that would ideally set it up for a license, patent, copyright, etc. and make it their own. Though out of this, he turned out to make a comic series that he named “Scruffy and Sabrina”, which is about two personified dogs. And he has done some other comic series works too, that came out inspired by that., one of them is about growing up.

1.Hair problems are faced by everyone; do you have a solution to this?

2.Self-obsessed? Here you go! We’ll have an autograph too!

3.Umm, disturbing others is not a nice thing to do!

4.Well explained life of a graphic design girl.

5.Because Coffee is life.

6.Secrets can be revealed, watch out!

7.This happens to the best of us. Are we right?

8.Only foodies will understand what a terrible experience that could be.

9.Life spares no one.

10.Really? Well, it’s cold and it’s relatable.

11.This is like, “WOW”, what a remedy!

12.Two, with different expressions of seeing each other.

13.We wish that were a real thing.

14.These forms will always make us appear stupid.

15.True story.

16.When you are at home, this is what really happens.

17.This is really making us laugh.

18.We can totally relate to it.

19.This is the what actually happens.

20.Air conditioning is the actual love.

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