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Couples Who Fight the Most Love Each Other the Most

Love is complicated. Relationships are even more and if you have been in a certain relationship for a long while, I can bet there is nothing more complicated than that but it is the kind of complicated you cherish, the one which makes you feel alive and gives you a reason to wake up every morning.

Sometimes, relationships can be tougher than you expect them to be and it’s hard to cope up with spouse’s attitude and even the little things about them begin to irritate you. That is the time which decides if you will stick to your commitments or act like a coward and walk away.

Couples often pick up fighting as an option which can be really healthy in maintaining the flow of your relationship. It can help you be yourself in front of your spouse and say upfront whatever is going around in your head. Fighting is almost always a good option with your spouse until your fights become consistent over the unnecessary things.

People often think that the peaceful couples are the happier ones but that is not usually the case. They are the ones suffering the most. Though those couples who fight are much happier with their relationships and the passion in them for each other never dies.

And that all is not just a ramble. It’s a scientifically proven theory. Also, if you are wondering about how is it possible to fight and be happier than those who don’t fight? Well, keep on reading the following logical statements and you will soon know for yourself.

If you choose to be silent in a relationship when it is going down, you usually create more walls between you and your spouse. Arguing sometimes seem like an immature and a terrible idea, it often is beneficial. Because while arguing, we speak the truth and let it all out.

This way, when the fights abate, both the partners can realize what they have been doing wrong and if they find still in love with each other, they would definitely try to understand each other better and fulfill everyday needs which usually seems minute but matters a lot.

But sometimes, the couple goes too hard on each other and use the profane language or taunt about something that ends up hurting the other person way too much. Spouses should be careful about what they are saying while fighting. They should be careful about speaking only those things they would not later regret. If someone continuously drags the old mistakes, the chances are relationship would only damage further. So, talk but don’t say anything that might hurt too much.

How can you sort out the issues by staying silent and learning to ignore all the issues between you and your partner? Well, you cannot. Sooner or later, you will have to talk. Since it is always bad to delay just like it is bad to delay the prescription if you are sick, why hold it for no reason? Talk it down, solve the issues, and be happy and at peace. Do it sooner. So that love doesn’t suffer a strain.

These arguments can be intense and extremely emotional. Most of the times people avoid to be vulnerable in front of their partners so they avoid having an argument. But it’s all a healthy package. Never miss it!

If you love each other dearly and fighting over day to day issues, it can increase passion in you. Fighting stimulates the brain cells which doesn’t let you keep calm and if you are not the kind of a person who throws things on the wall, you will probably end up tangled with your spouse in the bed.

So, don’t worry if that is your case because it is lovely and there’s nothing wrong with it. Enjoy each and every moment of your relationship because everything about your partner is a package of love and a few fights aren’t really bad if they end up tangling you both around each other.

Fighting with your spouse clears that you are comfortable to lash out at your spouse about what your needs and desires. If you are too shy to argue with something you are not okay with, your relationship is probably going the wrong way already.

Whether you have thought about it or not, you need to know that you have to be able to comfortable enough with your spouse that at least you can talk your heart out to them.

Otherwise, how would the relationship work when you are not even yourself? Fighting is one way you realize that your relationship is healthier and the fight is going to be over soon and nothing would be different than the lasts.

The idea of the whole blog above is not to tell that it is okay to fight so no matter what, you have to start a fight even when there is no need to. Remember that fights are only good when they are necessary, when there is no option left except to argue about it. If you are fighting on little things like keeping the socks in the right place or eating the food, you should stop and look back if your relationship is going the right way. If you love your spouse, try to make it right but if you don’t want to try, then don’t ruin your relationship further but leave no matter how hard it might be in the beginning.

Fighting too much is a sign of a highly destructive couple who cannot bear each other or their stuff anymore. So, instead of fighting, it is better to leave with dignity. But if you really want to try because you care, then let yourself heal, listen to what your spouse has to say and try not to argue about little things. Remember, that a fighting couple is only a more loving couple when they have got their fights balanced with high doses of love.


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