These 13 Things Women Do While They Are Cheating In A Relationship

1: She Won’t Stop Nagging

If you notice your lady has been nagging you more than usual, it could be a sign she’s cheating. There are a number of reasons she might be acting this way, including picking fights to end the relationship, wanting the relationship to change so she can give herself to it 100 percent again, or simply out of frustration at her own betrayal.

2: A New “Friend” On The Scene

Notice a new friend that your partner seems to always be hanging out with? If they just seemed to appear out of the blue and your girl can’t get enough of texting, hanging out with, and talking about her new buddy, they could be her new side piece. Keep your eyes out for charming co-workers and friends she won’t introduce you to.

3: A New Obsession With Your Schedule

Is your lady suddenly showing a keen interest in your day-to-day activities where there previously wasn’t any? It might be nothing, but it could also be a sign she’s trying to figure out where you’ll be when she’s planning on having a sexy rendezvous. Try not to freak out either – maybe she’s just planning a surprise birthday party for you!

4: Is She In Another World?

Has your previously focused and present partner become a little mentally distant recently? If you notice you can’t have a conversation without feeling like she’s off in another world, it could be a sign she’s disinterested and thinking about someone else. Keep an eye out for a glazed look in her eyes and constant requests to repeat what you just said.

5: A Sudden Attachment To Her Phone

If you notice that your partner no longer leaves her phone lying around the house and is constantly attached to it, she could be hiding something from you. Maybe the reason she takes her phone to the bathroom with her is because she doesn’t want you to see the texts from her hot new lover.

6: The Sex Is Dwindling

You know the feeling – when you’re in a new sexual relationship, that person seems to be the only person you can imagine being with. The same goes for cheating. If your partner has completely lost interest in you sexually, with no other reason to explain it, she might be wrapped up in a new love that you simply can’t compete with.

7: Her Phone Has Become The New You

We’ve already talked about hiding her phone away, but if she’s also spending more time glued to the screen, that can be an indication she’s cheating, too. This is especially true if it’s during moments when you should have her undivided attention, such as eating dinner at a restaurant, or cuddling in bed watching a movie.

8: Her Schedule Doesn’t Seem To Include You

If your girl suddenly has a whole lot of nights out with the ladies planned, or mysterious work functions that never seemed to exist before, she might be cheating on you. Give her the benefit of the doubt at first, but if it continues over weeks and months, she might be lying so she can spend more time with her other lover.

9: She Has A New Interest In Her Wardrobe

She may have been comfortable in her jeans and a t-shirt with you, but now that she has someone else, she could be furiously buying cute new things to impress them. Keep a close eye on whether she buys sexy new underwear that isn’t comfortable or practical. If you liked her previous underwear, why would she suddenly upgrade to something less comfortable?

10: Detachment From Mutual Friends

If you notice your woman has all the excuses in the world not to see your mutual friends together, it could be a sign she’s doing something wrong. Maybe she feels guilty because it reminds her of what she is doing to the relationship, or maybe she simply doesn’t want to be discovered. Either, way it’s definitely suspicious behavior.

11: She Refuses To Answer Her Phone In Front Of You

If it seems like your girlfriend is obsessed with her phone at all times, EXCEPT for when it rings in front of you, there’s definitely something up. What can’t she say while you’re in the room? Give double points for suspicion if the number calling is unknown, withheld, or the name of somebody you’ve never even heard of.

12: Her Reactions To Texts

If she’s cheating, you’ll have a lot of time to observe her texting – remember, she’s obsessed with her phone now. Does she blush, giggle, or give cheeky smiles to her screen? It’s a sign she’s into someone else. Also note whether she makes these gestures while sitting around thinking. If she does, it’s very possible she’s in love.

13: She Has Become Miss Independent

When you first started dating she would count down the hours until you could be snuggled in bed together. She would put off her own interests and friends to spend any free minute with you. In fact, she was maybe even a little clingy. If she’s now off doing her own thing all the time, it might be a sign it’s with someone else.


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