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10 Things Couples Do After Being Married a Long Time

It seems lovely how a couple falls in love, say, “I do” and then enter into a married life. But being married and all is the most adorable part, what comes next is a whole new level. A whole new level of disgust, annoyance, irritation, and weirdness.

After some time of being in a relationship either of partner starts doing things around each other, that might seem gross to the third person but for a married couple, it is perfectly normal. They start doing things around each other which they won’t be doing if it wasn’t for their significant others. All this happens just because they start feeling comfortable and cozy around each other, way too cozy and comfortable, which leads to them doing even the gross things, without feeling awkward, in front of each other.

We have compiled a few of those gross, disgusting or annoying habits of married couples that they will deny of doing in front of each other but can be observed normally among them.


There comes a point in a relationship when the couple becomes so OK with doing everything together with their partners that they even start using restroom together without any sense of awkwardness. According to a British survey, most of the modern couples have lost the “Bathroom bashfulness”.

They do not hesitate to brush, bath or perform their bowel movements in front of each other. In fact, they mostly associate it with love, saying that this shows their love and affection and a strong bond beyond any feeling of disgust of any kind in each other’s presence.

People nowadays are trying to make their restrooms, even more, couple friendly with dual basin and big sized tubs for two which improves a sense of belongingness in them.


Pimples are a nightmare for some people. They know that no one would like a face with pimples than a shiny smooth clear skin. So they pop the pimples which, although, can sometimes, cause scarring if squeezed too aggressively but few self-conscious people just won’t let a pimple ruin their face. It’s fine popping out pimples unless its someone else doing it for you.

Most married couples pop the pimples out for each other which even though looks disgusting but they still like doing it for their significant others. They do not find it disgusting because when you love someone, the more you spend time with them the bond keeps getting stronger and nothing of their loved ones would disgust them, be it a little white-headed pointy one or a giant red pimple.


Ever been in a situation when you find others are smelly, either someone talking to you is a bad breath or their sweat is just killing your nose. Well, such could happen to anyone and that’s where a relationship comes in handy.

Being in a relationship for a long time has its own perks which include your partner’s nose and their sniffing which is pretty gross but also helpful. You won’t embarrass yourself in front of your boss or colleague if your wife approves you are stinking or smelling at all. And the people in a relationship even like sniffing at each other and they even associate their partners’ body odors with certain foods etc.


Before you burp, place your hand in front of your mouth, but when you are married for too long, just don’t bother. Let your partner get an idea of how last night’s dinner with your friends went and how did it taste. It’s not gross at all as you think. If you think it is, you are not in true love yet or haven’t been in a relationship for long enough to be comfortable burping in front of your partner. And many married couples burp in front of each other which irritates none of them but rather it shows them how much they love each other that nothing of them can make them resist the other.


Marriage is a relationship that kills any the bashfulness gradually that exists. Talk about anything and share anything freely and don’t hesitate at all because no one will judge you. In a married couple, it becomes cozy enough for women to share the minute details of their periods with their better half and their condition, feelings and body responses.

And their partners are not just comfortable enough in listening in but they help them as much as they can in giving them comfort to cope up with their such situation. And it is this sharing that makes a relation longer lasting as it makes the partner want to do something to help their loved ones in their worst situations.


Farting is a natural process and no one is free from it, then why behave like you are? That’s why couples that are together for long periods don’t bother to find someplace for getting the job done or making effort to make it a silent one.

They officially announce it to their partners as there is no shame in doing what can’t be stopped. So once a relationship is past the awkward farting level everything falls under the category of normal, for a couple. It even has the power of making the couple laugh with its hilarious and variety of sounds.


Waking up early in the morning before your partner, just to give them a fresh breath kiss looks lovely. But after a long time in a relationship, this all seems too hard especially the waking up early portion. So the kiss in bed, without brushing becomes normal for a couple, as time passes. And who wouldn’t want a kiss without any effort when you can have it without anyone judging you no matter how bad your breath is.


There are certain gross things that couples do without a doubt but at top of them is sharing a toothbrush. I don’t see the point of brushing when you are willing to have germs of other’s mouth happily into yours. Either this is love or it is the most economic couple. Whatever it is, the point is, if you are willing to kill the gross feelings for others to a level of sharing your toothbrush it means your love is true and such couple is really made for each other, no matter how weird and gross they seem to normal people.


In the initial phases of a relation, people are most concerned about their body hair. Shaving is where they spend their time most. But with the passage of time in a relationship, the hair won’t bother either of the partners.

They just get used to it as the impressing session has passed and now even the grossest of the hair won’t be shaved before a month and sometimes even two, as no one is going to judge and your partner likes it too way they are.


Wedding vows are totally acceptable, but those vows don’t come with any definition of extremity, for instance, it is the responsibility of everyone in a relationship to take care of their loved ones. This is even lovely to see one person taking care of other when they are sick unless the sickness involves any kind of foul smells. But the sickness of a partner puts real love to test and if one can pass this test then no sickness can break that bond.

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